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About the HRTC

The purpose of the Hingham Republican Town Committee is to recruit and elect Republicans to public office. HRTC Members are motivated by the conviction that the ideals of the Republican Party are the most effective means to implement government policy and make their communities and their country a better place to live.


To fulfill the mission of the HRTC, the committee will focus on five core responsibilities:


  1. Building and maintaining a vibrant local party organization

  2. Recruiting candidates for municipal and legislative office

  3. Communicating the Republican message in the local media

  4. Growing the Republican base vote through voter registration programs

  5. Getting out the Republican vote on Election Day

Members can help the HRTC fulfill its mission to elect Republicans by:


  1. Attending HRTC regular meetings

  2. Volunteer on HRTC subcommittees or voter registration drives

  3. Make a donation to the HRTC or attend HRTC fundraisers and events

  4. Participate in campaign activities to promote Republican candidates

Republican Town Committees

In Massachusetts, the Republican Party has 2 levels of organization.  The Republican State Committee and the local Republican Town Committee.  Members of the Hingham RTC are elected every 4 years at the Republican presidential primary.  By statute the HRTC is allowed to have up to 35 voting members and an unlimited number of associate members. 


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