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Exciting Election Season - Update from MassGOP

The MassGOP is gearing up for an exciting election season. We’re on the right side of the issues, and Massachusetts residents are fed up with the Democratic supermajority’s consistent failures. Our focus is on the state legislature, targeting seats vacated by Democrats (who can blame them for jumping ship?) and those seats the data tells us we can win.

By mirroring the RNC’s strategy of concentrating our efforts on high-priority races, we enhance our capacity to target legislative seats and position candidates for success come November. Among the 70 candidates vying for state-level positions, including State Senate, State Representative, Governor’s Council and Register of Deeds, 43 are either challenging incumbent Democrats or contending for vacant seats. We plan at least two write-in campaigns as well in winnable races.  The remaining 27 seats are held by Republicans, and we are fully committed to defending them. On the national stage, three of our candidates, John Deaton, Ian Cain, and Bob Antonellis, are engaging in a primary to unseat Elizabeth Warren, and our candidates are taking on incumbents in MA-08 and MA-09, with a competitive primary in MA-08. Looking ahead, we are already talking with candidates who plan to run for office in 2026. We offer weekly training sessions to all candidates running for office. We offer weekly training sessions to all Republican candidates running for office. If you are a candidate or a member of a campaign and would like to join these sessions, please contact us directly at for more information.

We look forward to building on our momentum as we head towards November and working with Republicans across the Commonwealth to usher in an era of pragmatism for a better tomorrow.

To Victory,

Amy Carnevale, Massachusetts Republican Chair

Ron Kaufman, Massachusetts Republican National Committeeman 

Janet R. Fogarty, Massachusetts Republican National Committeewoman

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