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Victory for Democracy: MassGOP Stands Behind Supreme Court Ruling

The MassGOP supports the unanimous decision made by the Supreme Court, declaring that states cannot unilaterally remove candidates for office from the ballot. This ruling is a victory for our democracy and the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Citizens have the right to vote for whomever they feel most confident in representing them, and the Supreme Court's decision reaffirms this fundamental right.

Marc Salinas, the attorney contracted by the MassGOP to defend Donald Trump’s right to be on the Massachusetts ballot, commented on the Supreme Court’s decision stating, “SCOTUS pointed out the obvious today. States cannot decide who qualifies to run for Federal office - ‘especially the Presidency.’ The Court explicitly stated that to hold otherwise would result in ‘chaos.’ The efforts to keep Donald Trump off the state ballots were purely politically motivated. When you take politics out of the analysis this was the only correct result. That’s why we saw a unanimous decision from the Court.”


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